Give the best sleep quality for the elderly, the bed must be adjustable

adjustable bed for elderly person

It is undeniable, sleep is everyone’s need. Sleep is a very important activity for humans, especially for those who have entered old age. For 5 to 8 hours every day, we use our time to rest, so the quality of sleep affects much of our body’s health. When sleeping, in addition to being a time for the body to rest, it will also help increase concentration, renew damaged body cells during the day and increase endurance and prevent various types of diseases.

Therefore, the quality of the mattress that we use is also quite decisive in getting good quality sleep, as well as the health of our bones and posture. In choosing a mattress, consideration is needed who will use it. In this case, elderly people need a different bed from adults. Best adjustable beds for seniors, back pain and complaints from parents must be considered. As you get older, health problems also increase such as back pain, insomnia, to joint problems.

For that, we need to work out a declining state of the body. Although you get older, there are many ways to get good quality sleep. However, the elderly person often does not want to change their mattresses. The reason is to save costs, or their mattresses are still worth using.

Currently, health mattresses or often called orthopedic mattresses have been widely produced. This mattress can improve the quality of one’s sleep, to improve their health and prevent back pain that causes difficulty sleeping soundly.

best adjustable beds for seniors

Then, how to choose a mattress that is suitable for senior citizens? What should be considered?
1. Choose the material that suits the conditions of the elderly
Mattresses that are highly recommended for the elderly are those that use 100% natural latex. Natural latex has a characteristic that is elastic and soft so that it has better comfort while sleeping. The material tends to give a cold effect so that it can reduce sweating, so that the mattress is more difficult to dirty during sleep and more hygienic, especially for those who have sensitive skin.

2. Choose Mattresses that Have the Right Hardness for the Elderly
Sharing mattress manufacturers offer various types of mattress products that have different levels of hardness, from soft, medium and hard. Each person’s bone condition is certainly different, and there is no standard that certain bone conditions must use a mattress with the same level of violence. The most important thing is to try directly the mattress that is comfortable for you and make sure that the mattress can support your posture.

3. Pay attention to the size and height of the mattress
Generally, the elderly have limited activity and their movements are a bit slow. You need to consider the height of the mattress to make it easier for someone to sit, get up and stand. an expensive but too high mattress will make it difficult for an elderly person to stand up and put his feet on the floor.

4. Price
Always pay attention to the specifications offered on the mattress that you want to buy so as not to choose the wrong one.

In addition to the bed for the elderly must be adjusted, the elderly are also advised to frequently do moderate exercise to relax stiff muscles and improve blood circulation. The combination of the two will improve the quality of health of the elderly.

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